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Richtersveld "Highway"4x4 Tours
Your story could read........
The small convoy of four 4x4 vehicles gather at the top of the mountain to see and feel the vastness of the ancient landscape. The road up, if you can call the track a road, was at a fair gradient with some sections of small loose rocks and others of wash-aways, nothing too hectic but enough to make the driver concentrate. The vegetation was green from the recent rains and a lot of the succulents were in bud or just starting to bloom. After the stop it was time to negotiate the track down to the camp-site on the banks of the gently flowing river.
Off the beaten track - Richtersveld
After setting up camp and getting the communal fire going there was enough time to go for a swim in the river to wash away the dust and grime of the day before settling down to another evening in the rugged wilderness with a myriad stars overhead and the quietness of the African bush.”
Always dreamed of driving your own 4x4 into the wilderness of Africa?
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