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Photo Safari

Richard in Action

Photographic Safari

Imagine the scene......
"The lioness is alert, watching and waiting to launch her attack on the Impala just meters from her, the light is perfect for the shot, coming from over your left shoulder, low in the sky and lighting her up, you aim, the head and shoulder filling your view, the perfect shot. Slowly you breath in……. then part way out…… hold…… squeeze…. ‘click’ the shutter fires. You breath a sigh of relief......
The small convoy moves off towards the camp site a few kilometres down the road, the camp is set up and the cooking fire is lit, sitting back and enjoying a drink you relive the experiences of the day, especially the lioness and then plan tomorrows shoot" 
Now contact Nautilus Tours and turn your ‘dream of’ safari onto a real Photographic Safari Experience.  


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